Can entrepreneurial thinking change lives?

We asked Izzy Hernandez (pictured on right): Do you think entrepreneurial thinking can change lives?

Izzy said:

"I do believe that entrepreneurial thinking can help change lives. Look at Phoebe, Faith, and me, with all the work that we did in 48 hours. We are making a step into helping our community's teens by getting out financial knowledge that is definitely gonna help our youth have an idea of what to do once they finally "leave the nest" or so to speak. [she laughs.]

"If we get teens more interested in this topic we can help prepare them and help better there lives so they won't be left out in the dark. After all, we teenagers are the future. We are going to be the decision makers in our world and that is why it s so important that we help each other out when working on this project and hopefully this curriculum that we have started.

"It is to help benefit our teens, to help benefit our community, and most importantly, to help benefit our world."

Izzy was one of three teens who took part in the first programming funded by the Idea+Space grant. She spent 2 days of her fall school break with Robin and Brooke from LeadLocal, learning how to explore and test financial curriculum ideas for teens, using the lean startup methodology. Their proposal was so strong that Izzy, Faith and Phoebe were awarded $750.00 seed money to test their ideas in the real world, for classes given by the YWCA.