Browsable Resource: Genealogy Connect

Are you a surfer, not a seeker? Do you love to wander through people's stories? Well I’ve got a fun place for you to check out!

The homepage of Gale Cengage's Genealogy Connectopens a new window is a spectacle. Click anywhere, and you find yourself falling into the history of America and the world that it birthed. From passenger arrival lists to general how-to texts, there are so many pits to fall into and happily swim through.

The collection itself is a combination of how-to ebooks and primary sources, with information from all over. Look through what is on the home page (and click the right arrows for more) or select a subject from the group on the side. Or if you want to at least start somewhere, you can use the search bar. There is a Search Assist activated if you're not completely sure what you want to look for, and your average search types apply (keyword, subject, publication, whole work).

So whether you're a genealogy enthusiast or you just have a vague interest in how it all works, Genealogy Connect is a place to explore--not just for your own family history, but that of the world. And who knows what you might find there!