Bookbike and Buttons at Tucson Youth Queer Summit 2

1-20160507_112341 LGBT Services Committee members Brenda Limón and Toby Wehner had a great time bringing the Bookbike to City High School on Saturday, May 7th for Tucson Queer Youth Summit 2. In addition to networking with other great local LGBTQ organizations like SAAF (Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation), PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), and SAGA (Southern Arizona Gender Alliance), we shared free books and Library information, and showed our personal and community support of LGBTQ youth.

1-20160507_101049Keynote Speaker Abigail Jensen talked about her pride in being the first attorney to stand before the Arizona State Court as both a man and woman.  She also spoke of her search for herself, remembering though she had been happy at times, she was never taught how to be happy.  Along her journey in life she has found happiness.  The fact that she considers herself lucky now is an inspiration.

1-20160507_124954The Library’s pin-back button makers were a big hit as always – in between the workshops and keynote speech we had waves of active and creative button creators. There were designs of aliens, gender pronouns, and lots and lots of rainbows, of course! The youth in attendance also enjoyed workshops on various topics, including art, poetry, zine making, and various health topics relating to the LGBTQ community.

Many thanks to Tom Moore and City High School for organizing this event and inviting the Library to participate. What an amazing young LGBTQ community we have!

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