Best of 2019: Library lists you loved

As we come to the end of 2019, we thought we'd share with you what you loved at the Library this year. First off, LISTS!

Anyone can create lists (yes, even you!), and our staff make many, many lists, hoping that you'll find something new and interesting to put on your reading shelf. In the past year, our Weekly Waitlists and Books Worth a Look lists were understandably popular, but so were a lot of other lists. Here are the top 10 other lists of 2019.

1. Read Harder 2018: Oprah's Book Club Picks

I think throughout any year, people are looking for Oprah's picks, so even though this was made in 2018, it remained popular this year.

2. Public Records

Anyone doing a web search for public records for Arizona or Pima County seems to have landed on our list this year. The lists we make cover more than just books, as this one illustrates. Our reference staff make lists of frequently-requested information, so that it's easy to find when you need it.

3. Books to television and film in 2020

This late-year entry rocketed to the top of the charts since going up in November. People really want to read the book before they see the movie!

4. Read Harder 2019: Historical Romance by an Author of Color

Read Harder is a popular reading challenge put on each year, and we make a bunch of lists to help people find things in the collection that match the categories. Didn't participate in 2019? That's ok, you can either go back and read from the 2019 lists or wait until 2020 to start the new year with us.

5. 100 7th and 8th Grade Level Books with African Americans

This list, compiled by a member of our Kindred team, had a lot of eyes on it this year! There's also another one lower down here that made it to the top 10. Glad to see so many people taking up Kindred's recommendations for kids!

6. Comic Books

One of our customers made us a Comic Books list that we were able to share, and it made it to the top 10. Thanks, RMutt1917, our avid comic book reader and expert extraordinaire! We appreciate you sharing your list with us.

7. Authors of Note: Tucson Festival of Books

I'm sure it's no surprise that the festival authors list was popular! I mean, over 140,000 of you went to the festival, right? And you're all readers, right? Yeah, I thought so.

8. Southwest Books of the Year 2018: Top Picks

Woohoo! Our very own Southwest Books of the Year made it to the top 10! Looking forward to this year's picks? Watch for them in January!

9. Highly Requested Nonfiction Titles

Oh, I love it that one of PimaLib_ShirleyL's lists made it to the top 10. One of our most prolific list makers, Shirley retired this year. Hey, Shirley! We miss you! And we love your lists!

10. 100 4th Grade Level Books with African Americans

I told you there would be another one. This time for 4th graders. 

We'll have more of the best of 2019 throughout the month of December, so stay tuned!