Adiba Nelson Presents at El Río!

Thanks to Adiba Nelson, local Tucson author, who presented her book Meet Clarabelle Blue at El Río Storytime on Wednesday, August 2. We are so grateful for this fierce author, parent, disability rights advocate, and luchadora for body positivity who joined our tiny branch to read her book to a packed house of preschoolers.

We admire Adiba's perseverance and stand behind her mission of increasing visibility of disabled children, in particular disabled children of color, in picture books. We make it a point to buy and promote books by authors who are underrepresented in publishing industry, some of which are highlighted on the Diverse Voices page of our website.

Adiba wrote a Love Letter to the Library last year and today we write a love letter to her. Adiba, thank you for your courage to do what you love with fierce honesty. Thank you for confronting the parts of society that try to diminish and claiming your beauty and your talent. Thank you for sharing your struggles, in doing so giving others the space to share their own. Thank you for sharing The Art of Skating Downhill in your TedX Talk. And thank you for humbly joining this tiny library of El Río to share your book to our weekly Preschool Storytime.