3D Printers: Get started at your Library

Hey teens, our free 3D printers are now functioning!

The Oro Valley Library teen 101 space staff have been troubleshooting the 3D printer here for a few months. It's finally up and running again! Thanks so much to the staff from the 101 Space at the Joel D. Valdez Main Library for all their help!

We are so excited to start sharing this resource with our community.

Want to get started with 3D printing? Come to our 3D printing workshop. 

It's on Saturday, February 10, from 2-4 pm.

Learn more about the event at this link.

After this first event, we are planning on hosting Open Lab Hours at our Oro Valley 101 space, with staff available to help you use our equipment. We will announce times and dates soon. 

Wondering what the deal is with 3D printers in public libraries? Curious about why we're investing in this technology?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Access - Libraries have a history of being the public's on-ramp to the world of digital technology, says ALA in a recent report. Welcome to your 3D printing on-ramp!
  • A Growing Community - There are close to 500 public libraries that now have 3D printing service. That number continues to grow every year.
  • Democratization - Librarians and engineers alike have called 3D printing a way to democratize manufacturing. Libraries have a history of making information and technology accessible to everyone. 

Check out this video of how a local library in Cleveland uses their 3D printer.