Where’s Walt?

photograph of statue of walt disney and mickey mouse

It’s easy to look around your library or neighborhood and find something with Walt Disney’s name on it. Walt Disney was born on December 5th, 1901, making this his 115th birthday. Do you know what Walt Disney was up to during the big historical and social movements of his day? World War I Where Was Walt […]

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Stephen King and Jane Austen: The Venn Diagram

a gothic castle

I’m a Jane Austen reader. I read Jane Austen, I read books about Jane Austen, and I read books about what other authors think about Jane Austen. One summer, I met a Stephen King reader. He reads Stephen King, he reads authors that are similar to Stephen King, and he loans Stephen King books to […]

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Talkin’ about the Summertime: Quote Quiz!

Reddington Pass in the Rincon Mountains, Tucson, Arizona

We Tucsonans talk a lot about Summer with each other, and with the fleeing snowbirds. Want to embellish your summertime spiel to include more than the words 'hot' and 'dry'? Take a look at these quotes from a wide variety of books and authors to get some ideas. Can you guess which books they're from? […]

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