Mumbo Gumbo

People can have strong opinions about okra; they often love it or hate it.  I happen to love the plant. It's tropical grace and beautiful mallow flowers swaying in the breeze, but have yet to be sold on the fruit.  This year I am determined to find a recipe that highlights the culinary beauty of okra, and…
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The Triumph of Seeds

It's official: seeds have gone mainstream. How else could a book about seeds be reviewed in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and New Scientist Magazine all in the same weekend? The Triumph of Seeds by Thor Hanson explores how seeds have shaped nature, culture and history. Hanson is such great storyteller that you…
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Bountiful Native Beezzzz

Pollinators are crucial to a healthy, harmonious environment. With over 4,000 species, native bees are the most important pollinators in North America. They move pollen from flower to flower, ensuring the growth of fruit and seed. Without them, we would not be able to grow the foods and flowers that we need and enjoy. Like…
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