Linked Library Cards

What are Linked Library Cards?

Linked library cards allow you the convenience of picking up and checking out reserves for members of your linked group.

Linked records provide quick access to check out and account balance information of linked members from any of the library's customer service desks.

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Who can link cards?

Adult cardholders can link to any other adult cardholder when consent of all parties is verified by library staff. All participants must be present with their valid library cards or photo identification to create a linked group or to add to it.

Teen cardholders (13-17 years) will only be linked to the library card of a parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian must make the initial request. All teen and adult members must be present with their valid library card or photo identification to create a linked group or to add to it.

Children's cards (up to 12 years old) may be linked only to a parent's or legal guardian's for which the parent or legal guardian is financially responsible.

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Linked Library Card Agreement

By linking my account:

  • I authorize linked members of my group to check out library reserves only under my account and I agree to be responsible for the items that they check out.
  • I permit linked members to access my confidential account information including check out history, hold requests, fines, and personal records.
  • I allow linked members to update my account information including address, email, and phone number.
  • I understand that any member of the group may unlink the records at any time.
  • I will immediately report my card or the cards of other linked members lost or stolen to library personnel in order to avoid charges to my account.
  • I understand that when I update the address and other personal information on my account this will not automatically update information on linked accounts. Each account must be updated individually.

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