Library Cards

How do I get a library card?

Come in to any of our locations. Library cards are free.

Adults (age 18 and up)

  • With a valid photo I.D. with name (i.e. Driver's License, DES, Food Stamp Card, Bank/Credit Union Card, State I.D., Military, School, etc.), and verification of your current address you will be issued a full service card that enables you to check out a maximum of 25 items; 10 of these can be DVDs.
  • If your current address is listed on the photo I.D. no further documentation is needed for the full service card.
  • With a photo I.D. but no proof of current local address, you will be issued a limited card and be allowed to check out 2 items.
  • We will accept General Delivery as an address to issue a limited card only.
  • To upgrade to a full service card, you must provide verification of your current address.

Teens (age 13 through 17)

  • You may apply for a library card with limited borrowing privileges (5 items).
  • To apply or upgrade to a full service library card your parent/legal guardian's information and ID is required.

Children (up to 12 years old)

  • You may apply for a library card with limited borrowing privileges (2 items).
  • To apply or upgrade to a full service library card your parent/legal guardian's information and ID is required.

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How do I replace a lost or stolen card?

Report the lost or stolen card immediately so that no one can use your card to check out. You are responsible for all items checked out on your card.

Bring your photo I.D. to the service desk of any library location. See the section above about what I.D. to bring.

Replacement cards are free.

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How can I update my library card information?

Option 1: Update Online

  • Login to My Account
  • Click on the Modify Personal Information link
  • Change your address, phone, email address, or notification preference
  • Hit Submit
  • Logout

Option 2: Update in Person at the Library

Come to the service desk in any of our libraries. Please have your library card ready.

If your card is expired:

To update an expired card of an adult or child 12 years or younger, please contact the Library by phone or in person and let us know your card has expired. You will need to provide your library card number. Teen accounts expire on their 18th birthday. Teens who have turned 18 must visit the library and provide a valid photo ID with their name to update the expiration date on the card.

Most adult accounts do not have an expiration date. Some adult cardholders who live outside of Pima County as well as all children and teen cardholders will have an expiration date in the account record. Read more about expiration of library cards.

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I'm a winter visitor, can I get a card?

If you have a local address:

Yes, if you are visiting Tucson or Pima County for an extended period and have a local address, you may receive a library card with full borrowing privileges.

Please bring photo I.D. and proof of your current local address.

If you do not have a local address:

You may receive a limited card with a 2 item limit. Please bring a photo I.D. to the service desk.

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I live in Arizona, but not in Pima County. Can I get a card?

Yes, you can get an Arizona Resident Library Card. Please come into one of our libraries with your photo identification with verification of your Arizona address.

With your card, you can check out up to 25 items and have up to 5 items on reserve at any one time.

About the Arizona Resident Library Card: Out-of-County residents may elect to pay an annual fee of $25 that will allow that card holder to place up to 15 items on reserve at any one time. Payment must be made annually in person by cash or check at any of our locations.

Residents outside Pima County may check out and download eBooks, audiobooks and movies from OverDrive. They may use the library's online databases inside the library, but are restricted from using the databases outside the library.

Residents outside Pima County are not eligible to use Interlibrary Loan services. Read more about Interlibrary Loan.

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Can I use online resources/databases without visiting the library to apply for a card?

Yes. Pima County Public Library has teamed up with the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records to provide you with a suite of databases that you can use with or without a library card. All you have to do is enter your zip code. Get started.

When you come into a Pima County Public Library and get a full-service library card, you will have access to all of our online resources, including digital books.

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What are my responsibilities as a cardholder?

Every cardholder must adhere to Circulation Policy and the Fines and Fees Schedule.

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