Reserving and Requesting Items

What is a reserve?

You can have a copy of any item that we own delivered to your local branch for pick up. This is called a reserve.

Some items cannot be reserved. These include:

  • Reference materials
  • Express materials
  • Journals and magazines

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How do I place a reserve?

You can place a reserve online, anytime.

  • Search the catalog for an item you want.
  • Click on a title.
  • Click the Reserve this Item link.
  • Enter your library card number and PIN, and select the branch where you want to pick up your item.
  • Click Submit.

Note: Using the online catalog to place a hold will not automatically reserve a particular copy of an item. If an item is listed as 'check shelf' at a certain library, and you want to pick it up right away, call that branch and ask to have the item pulled for pickup. Otherwise, it may be missing or checked out to someone else before you can get there.

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How do I reserve more than one title at a time?

If you want to reserve multiple items, you can save time by logging in before you start your search.

  • Go to the Catalog.
  • Click on the Login to My Account link at the top of the page before you start to search.
  • Enter your library card number and PIN to log in.
  • Click on Search Catalog.
  • Search for titles and place reserves using the steps above.

Because you will have already logged into your account, you will not have to enter your card number and PIN for each hold you place.

If you are using a library computer, be sure to log off your account when you are done. This will prevent other people from accidentally placing holds on your card.

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How do I cancel a reserve?

To cancel a reserve you have placed:

  • Log into My Account using your library card number and PIN.
  • Click on the Reserved Items button.
  • Mark the check box next to the title you want to cancel.
  • Click the Update List button.

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How many reserves can I place?

Pima County Residents:

If you live inside Pima County, you can place up to 15 reserves per card.

If you owe $5.00 or more in unpaid fines or overdue bills, you will be blocked from reserving items.

Residents outside of Pima County:

You are limited to 5 reserves unless you sign up for an Arizona Resident Card.

If you owe $5.00 or more in unpaid fines or overdue bills, you will be blocked from reserving items.

About the Arizona Resident Card:

Out-of-County residents may elect to pay an annual fee of $25 for an Arizona Resident Card that will allow that card holder to place up to 15 items on reserve at any one time. Payment must be made annually in person by cash or check at any of our locations.

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How do I guarantee delivery to the branch of my choice?

To ensure delivery of reserves and interlibrary loan requests to the library of your choice, select a "Home Library" location in your library account. If you request books and other items on a regular basis, choosing a Home Library will save you time.

  1. Login to My Account.
  2. On the patron record screen click the "Modify Personal Information" link.
  3. A pop-up window will appear.
  4. Under HOME LIBR, use the drop-down menu to select the branch of your choice.

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How can I tell when my reserve is ready to pick up?

You'll be notified by whatever means you've chosen. You can check, or change, this by logging into your account and selecting "Modify Personal Info." This pop–up is where you'll enter or update your contact information then select to be notified by postal mail, telephone or email.

If you have items on reserve you can choose to view your reserve list on the My Account page. The status column indicates your position on the list and how many, if any, additional holds are on that item. For example: "2 of 8 holds" means that you are the second person in the queue out of a total of eight people waiting.

When the item arrives at your requested pickup location the status information will change to "Ready for pickup."

How long do I have to pick up my reserve?

You have seven days from the time listed on your pickup notice to pick up your reserve. The last date for pickup is listed in your account. Reserves that are not picked up are sent to the next person in line, or returned to the shelf if no one else is on the reserve list.

Can I use a different name, so that others do not know what items I reserved when they go to the reserve shelf?

Yes. Normally, items placed on reserve are shelved by your last name for pick-up in public areas of our libraries. If you do not want your items shelved under your last name, you may ask to have us shelve them under a unique user ID, number, or name (alias). You must notify library staff to have your reserves shelved under an alias. You may choose your own alias. For more information, come to the library or contact your local library by phone. Please have your library card ready.

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