Britannica Library
Start here for all your research needs, with a trusted source of balanced, global perspectives and well-written articles, a huge collection of photos, audio, and video, timelines, country comparison, a world atlas, quotations, a handy dictionary (also in Spanish!), and much more.
Britannica Library Children
Get the same trusted information from Britannica in a format that's perfect for kids’ homework questions. It can even read articles to you! Teachers and home educators, perk up your ears: it matches up to the Arizona educational standards, too.
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Doing research? Got homework? Need information? Dig in to this printable library of thousands of eBooks and encyclopedia articles on almost every subject, from arts to biographies to business plans to health and medicine to science and technology. You can email or download, too.
World Almanac Online
Get all the facts you could ever need in one place! It covers sports, crime, science, history, quotes, and more, and everything's been double-checked by professional fact-checkers and expert researchers.
World Almanac for Kids
Get more fact-filled goodness in a kid-friendly package, including facts of the days, homework help, and featured videos.

en Espanol

Enciclopedia Escolar
Spanish-language version of Britannica Library Children's Edition.
Enciclopedia Moderna en Español
Spanish-language version of Britannica Library.
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