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Computer and WiFi Use Policy


To set forth the conditions, procedures and responsibilities for use of the library's computers by the public. To set forth the conditions, procedures and responsibilities for public access to the Library's Internet services. To outline the consequences for inappropriate or illegal use of the Library's computers and Internet networks.


A. General Computer Use

Library computers are available for use by all library customers for information gathering and other legal pursuits. The computers are provided to library customers as an important service. PCPL does not guarantee that any computer system or software will function flawlessly.

PCPL will make every effort to reasonably accommodate a customer's special needs. Customers who may require an accommodation to access the computer system should check in with a staff person to see if the Library can accommodate the need. Advanced notice of a special need would be appreciated and helpful.

Customer use of PCPL computers is limited to the existing equipment and software and configuration of same. Customers may not, under any circumstances, delete any existing software programs or alter the physical configuration of hardware. Customers may not unplug cables and plug in personal hardware to PCPL's network.

Customers may not use PCPL computers or WiFi network for the commission of harmful or illegal activities, including, but not limited to, the following:

- Hacking into any system;
- Introducing any virus, worm, spyware, Trojan horses or other program or code into any computer, computer system, software or disks;
- Engaging in any activities intended to aid in identity or credit card theft or to defraud;
- Engaging in any activities or accessing any material involving the sexual exploitation of minors, child pornography, or the luring of children;
- Viewing materials that are harmful to minors, when children are present;
- Violating federal copyright laws;
- Violating federal, state or local law or PCPL policy;
- Participating in or committing telecommunications fraud;
- Engaging in any act that constitutes a criminal offense under federal, state, or local laws or regulations; and,
- Engaging in any activities which will damage, disable, vandalize or otherwise harm computer equipment, hardware or software.

PCPL will determine the length of time a computer may be used on any particular day. This is dependent upon the procedures established by PCPL, available resources and demand.

B. Internet Use

Access to the Internet is provided as an integral part of the PCPL's services. All customers are expected to use the Internet in a manner which respects and gives consideration to other library customers.

PCPL does not support access to all websites. The library computers will not be reconfigured to gain access to any specific Internet Service provider. Library staff members may not always be available to assist customers in entering into any agreements.

Each customer must carefully consider what information he or she chooses to enter, write or send on library computers or via the library's WiFi network. Viruses and malicious code can be transferred via the Internet, despite virus protection and other security software. No encryption software is installed on PCPL computers. Any Internet site or service that requires the user to provide personal information of any kind may not be safe. A customer who chooses to enter any personal information does so at his or her own risk and assumes all responsibility for any consequences. By using library Internet services, a customer acknowledges that he or she may:

- Encounter text, images or sound that he or she may find offensive or disturbing;
- Retrieve or use inaccurate or incomplete information;
- Introduce a virus, worm or other potentially harmful program or code into his or her software, storage media, or computer equipment;
- Damage his or her personal software, storage media, or computer equipment; or,
- Provide information that leads to identity theft or other criminal activity.

C. Wireless Use

Customers assume all risks when using PCPL's WiFi network. PCPL does not provide virus protection, encryption or other security for WiFi connections. Customers that chose to use the library WiFi connection are advised to install current anti-virus and firewall software on their personal computers. Due to the wide variety of personal computers, personal computer equipment and settings, library staff will not set up WiFi connections for any personal device.

D. Internet Filters

To the extent possible under applicable state and federal laws, PCPL upholds and affirms the right of adults to have access to constitutionally-protected materials, while making every effort to create a safe environment for all computer users, especially children. Therefore, PCPL employs internet filtering software to meet these important legal and ethical obligations. PCPL advises computer and WiFi users that no filtering software is perfect and may, at times, be overbroad or under inclusive.

Initial access to the Internet on library computers is filtered. All Internet access on the library's WiFi system is filtered. Filtering software is designed to look for key words and block access to Internet sites whose content appears to fit into a "blocked" category.

PCPL has developed filtering levels that are based on the customer's age as listed in the customer's library record. Customers may request that a site be blocked or unblocked by completing a written request. The request will be honored as promptly as possible.

The initial filtered setting for adult Internet users on the library's computers only restricts adult sexual content. Adult-level content is not available through the library's WiFi system. In order to access adult-level content, a person must use PCPL hardware. A library card and PIN, indicating that the customer is 18 or older, are required for such access.

The setting available to children and teens complies with state and federal law. Library staff may identify and block sites based upon the library's collection selection criteria for children and young adults. Parents and guardians are responsible for guiding and overseeing their children's exposure to and use of the Internet. Library staff does not monitor any child's Internet use. If a child or teen gains access to the Internet on a library computer using an adult's library card and PIN number, that child will have access to adult-level materials.

Adults, 18 years of age or older, may not view any sites illegal under federal or state law. Prohibited content includes, but is not limited to: content that is harmful to minors when minors are present, child pornography, and obscenity.

E. Enforcement and Consequences

These rules will be enforced in a fair and reasonable manner. Library staff or security personnel will intervene to stop prohibited use of computer equipment and resources. Law enforcement will be contacted if any customer uses the library computer system for what appears to be unlawful.

Violation of this policy will result in suspension of computer and WiFi use privileges. For serious violations, staff may ask a customer to leave the library for the day, suspend all library privileges or both. Any suspension of a customer's library or computer privileges will apply at all PCPL library branches.

Violation of copyright laws can result in severe civil and criminal penalties. Library customers who infringe on copyrighted material may have their computer and WiFi privileges suspended. If a customer is uncertain about whether or not a use may infringe on a copyright, the customer should ask the copyright owner for permission to use (or reproduce) the copyrighted material.

F. Appeal

Suspension of library or computer use privileges may be appealed. A suspension will remain in effect for the stated duration unless overturned or modified by the Library Director.

The appeal must be made in writing within ten (10) calendar days of the issuance of the suspension. The appeal must state all of the facts and circumstances that led to the suspension and why the customer believes the suspension is inappropriate. The appeal must be mailed to:

Library Director
Pima County Public Library
101 N. Stone Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85701

After reviewing the appeal, the Library Director may uphold the suspension as imposed, modify the terms of the suspension, or overrule the suspension. The Library Director's decision is final.

G. Disclaimer

Use of PCPL computers, computer systems, computer programs, peripherals, and access of the Internet on PCPL computers or via PCPL's WiFi network, is strictly at the users own risk.

PCPL does not warrant the safety, security, or quality of any particular software application or internet website. PCPL does not warrant or guarantee that Internet filters will block all content that is illegal, inappropriate for children or possibly offensive to some customers. Further, PCPL does not warrant or guarantee that Internet filters will allow access to some resource materials that a customer may wish to view.

PCPL is not responsible for the accuracy, authority, timeliness or completeness of the information available on the Internet. However, a librarian can provide assistance in verifying such information.

PCPL takes no responsibility, and does not accept liability, for any direct or consequential harm to computer user's personal equipment, or other property that may result from use of PCPL computers or WiFi network.

PCPL takes no responsibility, and does not accept liability, for any of its customer's computer activities that violate federal law (including copyright infringement), state law, local law or PCPL policies. Further, PCPL does not accept liability for any consequences that result from calling local law enforcement when it appears that laws or policies are being broken.

Adopted 8/7/07

Revised 6/18/13

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