Permanent Art Displays - Tiger

The Making of TIGER

Tiger painting by Mary Theresa Dietz

Statement from the artist:

I had an idea for a painting of a tiger inspired by the tiger's ability to blend into its environment of trees, grasses, and brush. I wanted to make the stripes merge into the branches of trees. I borrowed books about tigers from the library. I read about tigers and looked at many photographs for reference. I then did drawings of my own based on what I'd learned. I sketched the basic outline of my tiger on a canvas and went to work painting. I never know how a painting will turn out until it is finished. As I worked on TIGER, the branches of trees became an abstract design. They and the many colors in between them became an expression of the jungly environment in which a tiger lives. The exaggerated colors of the tiger itself emphasize the tiger's "tigerness."

The painting was purchased for the Children's Room by the staff of the Joel D. Valdez Main Library in September 2007.

About the Artist, Mary Theresa Dietz

For further information, contact the artist at 520-622-6104 or; visit her website at

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