Permanent Art Displays - Hugo O'Connor

Portrait of Hugo O'Connor

"On August 20, 1775, a few months after Paul Revere's famed ride, the Spanish Crown sent Hugo O'Connor, and Irishman who came to be fondly referred to by the locals as Don Hugo O'Connor, to Tucson to survey the region, locate sites to be used as military posts (presidios), and establish trade routes. In 1776, Don Hugo established the first site: Presidio San Agustin, a site near the center of what is now downtown Tucson. The walled Presidio San Agustin became the northernmost outpost of Spain in the New World, providing refuge for residents and travelers, and soon was nicknamed the "Old Pueblo," an endearment still used today. In Spanish "Pueblo" means Town or Village." --from Arizona Paths

“[Circa 1995], Louis Hall, a Tucson-area architect, went to Roscommon, Ireland to Clonalis House for information about O’Connor…They gave Louis the picture at that time to bring back to Tucson. [John J. Keller] was President of the Irish American Gaelic Society at the time [and he and Hall] got together and donated it to the library…As to the artist and the date of the painting, it was unknown.”

Source: John J. Keller, President
Irish American Gaelic Society of Tucson
February 23, 2010

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