Joyner-Green Valley Branch Library: The Local History Collection

Books, Albums, Directories, Maps

  • -Brockie, Colonel John.
  • -Club Directories. 1978- . (1979, 1997 missing.)
  • -Cole Directory Cross Reference. 2003. Green Valley only.
  • -Fairfield's Green Valley. Video. Undated.
  • -Green Valley News. 01/16/64-10/17/68. Incomplete collection in 2 Hollinger boxes and 1 flat Hollinger box.
  • -Green Valley News. From 1964. Incomplete collection in Hollinger boxes, with special edition of 01/01/2000.
  • -Maxon Report. See Pamphlet File: Tucson Green Valley
  • -The Book. 1967. "Living in Green Valley." Contributions by various residents.
  • -Photo Albums. "Green Valley locations, events and portraits." Indexed. 4 numbered albums. 1963-
  • -Photo Descriptions. Album of blank pages.
  • -Photo File Index. Card box, located in small cabinet in small conference room.
  • -Photo Notes. Spiral notebook.
  • -Photos. Negatives, 8mm film, unfiled pictures. Storage box
  • -Posters and maps. Miscellaneous. In flat Hollinger box.
  • -Sahuarita High School Yearbooks. The Sahuarita Mustang. 1970, 1976, 1977.
  • -St. Mary's Hospice of Green Valley. 1981-1998.
  • -Telephone Directories. Green Valley 1970
  • Arizona Daily Star. "Green Valley and Santa Cruz County-Green Valley Today." 2001-2002
  • Arizona Historical Society. The Journal of Arizona History, "White House Canyon." Autumn 1993.
  • AARP. Our First Decade, 1971-1981. Santa Rita Mountain Chapter, No. 837. 1980. 2 copies.
  • Beamer, Esther K., The First Twenty Years. The Episcopal Church of St. Francis-in-the-Valley. 1986.
  • Behner, Fred. "Clippings from Green Valley News." 5 scrapbooks. 1970-1980. Not indexed.
  • Brandt, Layne A., Lucky Shot, Favorite Hunting Stories of an Arizona Sportsman. 2002.
  • Clizbe, George, editor. This is Green Valley. 1971. (4 copies) Index in separate folder.
  • Clizbe, George, editor. "Drafts." This is Green Valley. 1971. 3-ring binder.
  • Cooper, Carol and Lawrence D. Mann. The Emerging Green Valley/Sahuarita/Santa Cruz Satellite City: Situation Analysis and Preliminary Plan-Update Studies for the Green Vally/Santa Cruz Area of Pima County. Report to the Long Range Plans Committee. Green Valley Co-ordinating Council. 2 copies.
  • De Mente, Boye. Retiring in Arizona. 1977.
  • De Voe, Robert. History of the Men's 260 Club. 1995. 3-ring binder.
  • Drache, Hiram M. Creating Abundance: Visionary Entrepreneurs of Agriculture. Interstate Publishers. 2001.
  • Fairfield Green Valley. News Magazine. 1976-1980. Storage box.
  • Fairfield Women's Club. Bi-Centennial Cookbook of Green Valley, 1776-1976.
  • Farley, Lloyd. Farley-Tyson-Luther-Brong History. 1992.
  • Friends of Green Valley Library. "Miscellaneous records." 7 vols. 1968-1990.
  • Goorian, Philip. Images of America: Green Valley Arizona. Arcadia: Chicago. 2002.
  • Green Valley Co-ordinating Council. "Minutes." 1970-1985. 4 vols.
  • Green Valley Co-ordinating Council, Long-Range Planning Committee. "Minutes and Reports." 1983-1985. Storage box.
  • Green Valley Garden Club. Album. 2001-2003.
  • Green Valley Garden Club. Photos. 1983-2003.
  • Green Valley Garden Club. Yearbooks. 1989-2001.
  • Green Valley Incorporation. Clippings from Green Valley News. 3 Scrapbooks. 1999-2001.
  • Green Valley Irregulars. Green Valley Others. Spring 2002.
  • Green Valley Republican Women's Club. Potpourri of Favorite Recipes. 1972.
  • Green Valley Tennis Club. 25 Years. 2004.
  • Greenough, Doris. Surviving the Good Life. Hawberry Books. 1994.
  • Hoehler, Leo. Green Valley History. Movies. 3 reels, various sizes
  • Hoehler, Leo. Our Lady of the Valley. Movies. 2 reels. 1969?
  • Hotten, Georgia. Under Mushroom Clouds: Homeowners vs. Homeowner Associations. Georgian Educational Services, LLC. 2004.
  • Kalt, William D. Jr. Awake the Copper Ghosts: The History of Banner Mining Company and the Treasure of Twin Buttes. Banner Mining Company. 1968.
  • Kause, Selma. Mahalo. 1965. (2 copies)
  • Kause, Selma. Mahalo, nvi, nvi, Aloha. 1966.
  • Kause, Selma. "Addenda, miscellaneous notes." Collected by Mrs. Bob Weimer
  • Klingenberg, Gladys (Bull) and Rena (Allen) Klingenberg. James Bull, Life and Family Story. 1995.
  • KVOA. "Main Street Clic: Green Valley" Video. May 19, 1999. Doug Sherwin.
  • Lacy, Willard C. Safari Trips from Green Valley. Selected safaris from logs prepared by Bob Johnson. 1989.
  • Lesure, Thomas B. All About Arizona. 1973.
  • Peters, William and Robert Caughorn. An Economic Evaluation of the Proposed Tucson Green Valley Retirement Community. Arizona State University. Revised 1962.
  • Rousseau, Elaine. Longitudinal and Cross-sectional Analyses of Factors Affecting Quality of Life for Green Valley Residents. Green Valley Co-ordinating Council. 1998.
  • Scott, Nola, editor. History of the Country Fair White Elephant. 2003.
  • Small, George. In the Beginning. Early History of Mens 260 Club of Green Valley. 1966-68. (4 copies.) A collection of short pieces contributed to the Green Valley News. Indexed.
  • Thomas, Ned. My Reaction. 1995. Rev.ed.
  • USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. Proceedings RMRS -P-30, Sept. 2003. Santa Rita Experimental Range: 100 Years (1903-2003) of Accomplishments and Contributions, Conference Proceedings Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2003. Tucson, AZ.
  • Women's Auxiliary of the Men's Garden Club of Green Valley. "Photo Album." 1983-1996.
  • Women's Auxiliary of the Men's Garden Club. "Miscellaneous records and photos". Vols. I-IV. 1982-1997.
  • Woolery, Loris, editor. "The Book." 1967. Continental School, Class of 1985. Continental School History. 1985. (Bound transcrip #37, no tape.) 3-ring binder.

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Oral Histories

  • Oral Histories. Bound transcripts. 36 vols. 1988-1996.
  • Oral Histories. Tapes. Drawer 1-Black-Hanson. Drawer 2-Hathaway-McKinley. Drawer 3-McKinley-Schaffnit. Drawer 4-Small-Winslow. Drawer 5-Saylor (addition 2000) and one blank tape. Drawer 6-2 unidentified mini-cassettes.
  • Oral Histories. Miscellaneous clippings. 1987-2000.
  • Oral Histories. Miscellaneous records, minutes, etc.
  • Oral Histories. Subject Heading Index. Red Binder.
  • Oral Histories of Green Valley. Catalog and Index. Compiled by the History Project of the Friends of Green Valley Library. January 1999.
  • Oral Histories. Index on cards. Ongoing. To be integrated into Catalog and Index. (located in History Project cabinet in small conference room.)
  • Tape recorder.

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Local Author Shelf

Author: Ackerman, Carole Stackhouse
Title: Changed in the Middle
Publisher: Pursuit Publication, 2002

Author: Anderson, Charles A.
Title: Essays on the Search for the Modern Judge
Publisher: Charles Anderson, 1994

Author: Anderson, Charles Austin
Title: Shall We Gather at the River
Publisher: New York: Vantage Press, 1999

Author: Anderson, Charles Austin
Title: A Few Perspectives on the Events of Life-A Collection of Poetry
Publisher: Charles Austin Anderson, 2000

Author: Batt, Phil
Title: The Complete Phil Batt-A Kaleidoscope
Publisher: Phil Batt

Author: Birky-Kreutzer, Pauline
Title: Peace Corps Pioneer
Publisher: Urbaba, Illinois, 2003

Author: Brill, Ronald R.
Title: Emotional Honesty & Self Acceptance
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation, 2000

Author: Bova, Karen Preston
Title: Illegals: Who Needs Them?
Publisher: Publish America, Baltimore

Author: Burgess, Samuel Joel
Title: Memoirs of Samuel Joel Burgess

Author: Campbell, Claude
Title: Abou and the Angel Cohen
Publisher: Bridge Works Publishing Co, 2002

Author: Caprio, Charlotte Ann
Title: Shadow Glimpses
Publisher: Author House, 2004

Author: Caswell, Dave
Title: Laughter Prevents Wrinkles
Publisher: Infinity

Author: Caswell, Dave
Title: It Don't Get Much Better Than This
Publisher: Dave Caswell, 1996

Author: Chazanof, William
Title: A Legacy of Faith
Publisher: Ice Cube Press, North Liberty, IA

Author: Clark, Robert H.
Title: Diamonds in the Rough
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co, Pittsburgh, PA, 2004

Author: Coombs, Leo S.
Title: A Forest of Po-e-trees
Publisher: Leo S Coombs, 1999, 2000

Author: Coronado, Mary Louise
Title: Brandon's Angel
Publisher: Vantage Press, NY, 2003

Author: Edwards, Thornton
Title: Dancing With Ice
Publisher: Thornton Edwards, 2002

Author: Ezyk, John
Title: The Fedora and Other Poems
Publisher:, 2003

Author: Greenough, Doris
Title: Surviving the Good Life
Publisher: Nevada: Wallis & McQueary, 1994

Author: Greer, Paul L.
Title: Survival Diary
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co, Pittsburgh PA, 2003

Author: Helbig, Annie
Title: Reflections of Love Nature and God-Book of Poems
Publisher: Annie Helbig, 2003

Author: Hill, John Martin
Title: The Christmas Hour
Publisher: John Martin Hill, 2003

Author: Jackson, Ray D. and Susan M.
Title: America's Youngest Warriors Volume III
Publisher: Veterans of Underage Military Service

Author: Jagers, Robert
Title: Whales of WWII
Publisher: Robert Jagers, 2000

Author: Johnson, John Enoch
Title: My Memoirs A Kansas Boy Grows Up
Publisher: None listed

Author: Lenore, Judy
Title: To All the Men I've Loved Before
Publisher: Julen Press, Green Valley, AZ, 2003

Author: Lucas, Patricia L.
Title: Desperada
Publisher: Spider Woman Press, Sonoita, AZ, 1997

Author: Nelson, Harold R.
Title: Senior Spirituality
Publisher: Chalice Press

Author: Preston, Karen Bova
Title: Illegals: Who Needs Them?
Publisher: Publish America, Baltimore, MD, 2005

Author: Renna, Rosalie
Title: Baby Boomer, Where is your Caregiver? A Handbook for Those born from 1946-1964
Publisher: Holy Fire Publishing, Oak Ridge, TN

Author: Robertson, C. Laurence
Title: Celia Leighton Thaxter Artist and Muse
Publisher: C. Laurence Robertson, Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire

Author: Robertson, C. Laurence
Title: Murder on Smuttynose
Publisher: C. Laurence Robertson, Associate Professor, University

Author: Robertson, Leon S.
Title: The Expert Witness Scam

Author: Robertson, Leon S.
Title: Hillbilly to Harvard to Yale

Author: Schnebly, Lee
Title: Do-It-Yourself Happiness (How to be your own couselor)
Publisher: Manzanas Press, Tucson, AZ, 1987

Author: Schnebly, Lee
Title: The Best of Both Worlds A Doggie's Journal
Publisher: Cider Press, Tucson, AZ, 2002

Author: Schwartz, Lois
Title: When Roses Bloom
Publisher: Thomas Bouregy & Co, 2005

Author: Snow, Richard W.
Title: Bear Hill
Publisher: Rose Dog Books, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Author: Wright, Elizabeth R.
Title: Seize Today: Making the Most of Your Last Years
Publisher: Ice Cube Press, North Liberty, IA

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