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Clean Air Days

Green Home Building
Listen to Susan E. Buchan, Green Building Program Manager from the Pima County Development Services Department. This presentation covered green building concepts and technologies that can be introduced into new and existing homes. Learn about energy efficiency, renewable power, environmentally-responsible materials, and lifestyle changes that can reduce your carbon footprint, save you money and make your home a healthier place to live. Audio courtesy of Chuck Simms of KLPX.
Landscaping for Water Conservation
Kathryn Hahne, Program Coordinator of the SmartScape Program at the the Pima County Cooperative Extension presented Water Conservation. Discover tips for efficient proactive outdoor water conservation for residential and commercial use. Hear about techniques to save water, money and time. This workshop was taught by a horticulturalist through the SmartScape Program - which was picked as a "Best of Tucson" by the Tucson Weekly.
Bike Commuting
Donna Lewandowski, Safe Routes to School Coordinator from the Pima County Department of Transportation presented Bike Commuting. Listen to this fun presentation on avoiding bicycle crashes and other bike safety topics for bike commuting and pleasure rides. This presentation was a Clean Air Days and Food For Thought event.
Green Commuting
Ruth Reiman, Travel Demand Management Manager from the Pima Association of Governments (PAG) presented Green Commuting. Learn how to make your trip to work environmentally friendly and save money too. PAG's newly expanded RideShare program has something for everyone. Learn about the commute options available, including Sun Tran, that reduce pollution, congestion, and energy consumption. This presentation was a Clean Air Days and Food For Thought event.
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