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    Pan De Muerto Recipe (Bread of the Dead)
    Pancho Villa Statue
    Panhandling, Begging, Soliciting –City of Tucson laws
    Parenting Classes
    Parking Meters In Tucson
    Partial Disability
    Passport - How to Get
    Paul McCartney—music video filmed in Amado Arizona
    Pelicans In Tucson
    Pet Waste
    Photo Radar Traffic Enforcement
    Pie Allen Neighborhood
    Pima County Library Foundation
    Pima County Attorneys
    Pima County Board of Supervisors--Meeting Minutes/Ordinances/Resolutions
    Pima County Elevations
    Pima County Ordinances
    Pima County Public Library--History
    Pima County Rankings
    Pima County Seal
    Pima County Sheriff –Procedures Manual
    Pima County Sheriff's Department Corrections Bureau Policy and Procedures Manual
    Pima County Sheriffs
    Pima County Sheriffs Killed In Line of Duty
    Pima County Sports Hall of Fame
    Pima County—Date when population reached one million
    Pima Extension Services
    Piñata- Origin of
    Pioneer Hotel Fire
    Pioneer Monument (Freeman Pioneer Memorial)
    Plant Permits
    Poets Laureates
    Poets Square--Name
    Poison Control
    Police Department--Oath of Office of the Tucson Police
    Political Signs
    Pollen Levels in Tucson
    Pollution In Tucson Water
    Population Center of Tucson
    Postal History Foundation Museum
    Prescriptions - Mexico
    Prescriptions and Medication Disposal
    Presidential Visits to Tucson
    Presidio Trail---Downtown Walking Trail
    Primavera Foundation-Travelers Aid Society of Tucson
    Prison Camp
    Prison Reform and Family Advocacy
    Privacy Act
    Proof of Birth--Using Census Records
    Psychiatric Assessment--Court-Ordered
    Puppy Lemon Law
    Pyracantha Jelly Recipe
      Pima County Website