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House being moved in Tucson that fell into a ravine
In Tucson on January 5, 1979 there was an attempt to move a house from Campbell Avenue to Simeon Drive. The house was being moved because Campbell Avenue was being widened. The house was designed by Tucson architect Josias T. Joesler so it was hoped that moving the house would preserve it.  Peter and Kathy Chinook were the couple who owned the house. The 2,500 square foot, 60 ton house was loaded on a trailer and the move was attempted. Unfortunately the house slid off the trailer and broke to pieces when it fell into a ravine. The house was near its final destination on Simeon Drive when it fell. No one was injured in the accident.
“…And his dream came tumbling down.” Arizona Daily Star. January 6, 1979. Page 1.

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