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Nonprofits in Tucson or Arizona—List

Unfortunately there is not a list of all nonprofits located in Tucson. There are a number of online resources to assist you in finding nonprofits in Tucson and to get an estimate of the number of nonprofits. The links to these are at the Pima County Public Library's Grants and Nonprofit Resource Center at the Finding a Nonprofit web page at
GuideStar (the first link) allows you to search nonprofits by city, using their advanced search. If you enter the city as Tucson and the state as Arizona and leave all other search boxes blank then click on search. The result on August 31, 2009 stated “4,227 results.” This number includes all types of nonprofits, including schools and religious organizations. There is also a list of 500 of the organizations. GuideStar does not list more than 500 at a time.  You can refine your search.
The Pima County Public Library's Find a Nonprofit web page has links to other web sites that allow you to search for nonprofits. Which will be the best resource is usually determined by your purpose. 
Many of Tucson’s nonprofits are listed in Information and Referrals Directory of community resources for Southern Arizona. This resource is available at all Pima County Public Library branches.
Additionally, at the web site for the National Center for Charitable Statistics at: they explain that "For quick answers about the nonprofit sector and information about how many organizations there are in the U.S. or your state, visit our Statistics and Profiles pages.” They link directly to that page.
There are three reports on the Arizona nonprofit sector that you can access at the Web site of the ASU's Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation and Management, at    
2006 and 2003 Arizona Nonprofits: Scope of the Sector
This report reveals the size, scope, and diversity of nonprofit organizations that exist in Arizona.
2003 Profile of Charitable Organizations by Type
A companion report to the 2003 Arizona Nonprofits: Scope of the Sector in Brief, this report examines Arizona-based 501(c)(3) organizations organized by National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) categories.

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