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Grant seeking is a very personalized, competitive, and time intensive process. Successful grant seekers are able to demonstrate how their project helps the funding source to meet its goals and objectives.   

Grant makers establish their own criteria for what they will fund. Grant seekers must be able to make a match between the goals of their project and the objectives of the funding source. Because the grant searching process requires making many judgments and evaluations, individuals most knowledgeable about the specific project are best suited for doing this research.
For these reasons the Pima County Public Library uses its expertise to direct you to the best sources for grant research. 
If you are looking for a grant for a nonprofit organization please see the Pima County Public Library’s Grants & Nonprofit Information Center’s web site at The Pima County Public Library offers a free workshop every month, Grantseeking Basics. This is an orientation to the Pima County Public Library's resources for volunteers, staff and board members of nonprofit and community organizations. Orientations do not address the needs of individual grant seekers or businesses. More details and registration are at 
If you are looking for a grant or for financial assistance for an individual please see  Please be sure to check out all the helpful information at this page, including the links on the right hand side of the page. 
There are professionals who are available as independent consultants to research grants, write proposals, and assist nonprofits and government agencies on a variety of organizational issues. For information about finding local consultants please see 

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