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Grants for Small Business

"It's not unreasonable to expect that the government provides grants for small businesses. People all over the internet are telling you it's possible, and some will charge you for giving you "details." The fact is, government grants are funded by your tax dollars and, therefore, require very stringent compliance and reporting measures to ensure the money is well spent. As you can imagine, grants are not given away casually. Whatever you've heard from speakers or read on the internet, federal and state governments do not provide grants for any of the following: starting a business, paying off debt, covering operational expenses.  That being said, some federal government grants are available to small businesses. But here's the catch—federal grants for businesses are typically aimed at specific industries and targeted causes identified by the government, such as scientific and medical research, conservation efforts, and so on..." Source: The U.S. Small Business Administration Internet site


More information about financing a business can be found at


The above information is also at the Pima County Public Library’s Business Info Center at


Below are more links to the Pima County Public Library’s resources for starting a business and answering the question, “Are there grants to start a business?”


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Business Info Center

Scroll down the above page to learn about the Pima County Public Library’s free monthly workshop, Information Power for Small Business.


Starting a Business  


The Foundation Center has information on funding to start a business at  


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