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Prescriptions and Medication Disposal

There is a special prescription disposal program called Dispose-A-Med. This program is happening in 2010. For information on this program go to:
Regional Wastewater Reclaimation Department
You can find the information about where and when the program is being held.
 Do not flush or pour prescriptions and medications down a toilet, sink or drain. (This is to prevent pharmaceutically active compounds from getting into our water.)

To dispose of prescriptions and medications:
Take unused, unneeded or expired prescriptions and medications out of their original container and throw them in the trash.
Make sure that the discarded prescription and medications are not where children or pets can get them.
If you wish you can:
1. Place them into a sealable plastic bag or other impermeable container, such as an empty can.
2. If the medication is a solid crush it or add water to the container to dissolve the medication.
3. Mix the medications with kitty litter, sawdust, coffee grounds (or any undesirable substance.)

There is a web site to list pharmacies that will dispose of prescriptions. The web site is:
The web site was checked on 07/07/2010 and nothing was listed for Tucson yet. 
“Fact Sheet, Medication Disposal.” Tucson/Pima County Household Hazardous Waste Program. December 2008.
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