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Twelve Days of Christmas --Arizona Style

1.     A wren in a Palo Verde tree.
2.     Two prairie dogs.
3.     Three cowhands.
4.     Four copper mines.
5.     Five prickly pears.
6.     Six burros, braying.
7.     Seven javelinas.
8.     Eight manzanitas.
9.     Nine saguaro cactus. ***
10.   Ten mountain lions.
11.   Eleven cholla, jumping.
12.  Twelve weeds a-tumbling.
List by Don Schellie. Tucson Citizen.  Dec. 20, 1962.  Page 20.
*** This list was republished in the Tucson Citizen, December 24, 2005. Page D1.  The newer list has this line as: "Nine saguaro cacti."

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