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Ajo is not a city, but an unincorporated place in Pima County. It's covered by the more general Pima County Comprehensive Plan. In 2001, the University of Arizona Community Planning and Design Workshop published a document called "Ajo Vision: Ajo community comprehensive plan". Pima County Public Library has a copy at its Ajo branch.  Supervisor Sharon Bronson also has copies which can be obtained from her office. Her contact information is located at

There is also a zoning plan available for Ajo from
The Pima County Economic Development Department has put a new study of the commercial sector online at: 


Ajo Chamber of Commerce
Silvia Howard - Executive Director
400 Taladro St.
Ajo, AZ 85321
Phone (520) 387-7742
Fax (520) 387-3641


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