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Barry Sadler

Barry Sadler was an American singer and author who lived from 1940 to 1989. Among his many accomplishments was the song "Battle of the Green Berets", which was released by RCA Records in 1966. He also authored "Casca", a series of twenty-two books. Books numbering 1-17 were published by Charter between 1979 and 1987. Among these titles were "The Eternal Mercenary" (1979), "God of Death" (1979), The War Lord" (1980), and "The Barbarian" (1981). Books numbering 18-22 were published by Jove between 1987 and 1990. Other titles included "Panzer Soldier"; "The Persian"; and "The Damned."

Sadler lived in Tucson during 1968.  While he lived in Tucson he owned a bar called Jerry’s Beachcomber Tavern, located at 6951 E. 22nd Street.

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