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Swimming Pools--Tucson

Percentage of Tucson homes with pools is usually based on when the house was built.  Swimming pools are in about 15% of homes built prior to the mid-1950s; 22% from the mid-1950s through the 1960s, and then to nearly 30 percent in newer homes.  At present, almost 20 percent of all homes in Pima County have pools. (Date for this information is Summer 1999)
 General statistical data for building permits of all kinds, including pools is available at:   This web site does not generate lists of the permit holders.  There are fees for the permit holder lists.  To see how to get these lists go to the FAQ: Permit Holders-Swimming pool and Building permits in Tucson and Pima County.

Water in the Tucson Area:  Seeking Sustainability.  Pages 51-52. 
A source of Water information is the:
Water Resources Research Center University of Arizona
350 N. Campbell
Telephone: (520) 792-9591
Web site:

Special Note:  This is a popular question.   The information is hard to find.  PCPL staff is still looking for better and more current statistics.

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