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Historic Street Names in Tucson

In April of 1926, the Tucson City Council met and changed the name of several streets in Tucson. This table shows the historic street names and their current names.

Historic Name 1926
Present Name 2008
"A" Avenue
"B" Avenue
Tyndall Avenue
"C" Avenue
Park Avenue
"F" Avenue
Highland Avenue
"G" Avenue
Curtis Avenue
"H" Avenue
Vine Avenue
"J" Avenue
Warren Avenue
"K" Avenue
Maple Street and Sycamore Street, Martin Avenue
"L" Avenue
Campbell Avenue
Bonita Street
Lee Street
Catalina and “D” Avenues
Fremont Avenue
Center Street
Mountain Avenue
Cherry Street
Cherry Avenue
Douglas Avenue and Walnut Street
Cherry Avenue
East Avenue and “E” Avenue
Santa Rita Avenue
First Street, running southeasterly from Park Avenue
Factory Avenue
Jackson Avenue
Norton Avenue
Palomas Street
Adams Street
Rincon Road
East Second Street
Verde Street
Elm Street
Vermont Avenue
Norris Avenue
Witt Street
East Twenty-fourth Street

“Names of 27 Streets Changed by City Dads” Arizona Daily Star. April 23, 1926. Page 1.

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