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Stravenue-- Origin
The Pima County Public Library staff cannot find an exact origin of this term.  We telephoned the Tucson Planning Department on March 7, 2008.  The Tucson Planning Department said the term starvenue did not originate in Tucson and that stravenues are not unique to Tucson.  The Tucson Planning Department says that other cities have stravenues.  So far the PCPL staff has found stravenues in Bisbee and Marana Arizona. 
For a different account of the origin of Stravenues, see the Wikipedia article on Stravenue:  According to this article, "The word Stravenue was originally coined by Roy Drachman when he was developing the subdivision called Pueblo Gardens," perhaps in the 1950s or 1960s.  The source of this quote could not be verified.
Stravenue in Marana
Cerius Stravenue.

Old Pueblo Archaeology Center PUBLICATIONS  
Stravenue in Bisbee
Lead Stravenue.

There is a magazine article that says that stravenues first appeared in the Pueblo Gardens subdivision in Tucson.

Tucson Lifestyle. "Streetwise and Stavenued." October 1985. Pages 93-96."  
The Pueblo Gardens subdivision dates from 1948.

Arizona Highways. "Pueblo Gardens." November 1948. Pages 30-36.

"Streets run east and west, avenues run north and south.   Stravenues run in curves and don't follow one set direction.  New streets are no longer being called "stravenue."  (Since 1970).

Telephone call to the Tucson Planning Department, January, 1977.
"Stravenue: A street which runs diagonally between and intersects a Street and an Avenue."

Pima County Code Chapter 18.83.040 "Addressing."
Stravenues in Tucson
(This is not a definitive list)
Belford, Bryant, Camilla, Canada, Cerius, Cherrybell, Concord, Desert, Dover, Drexel Manor, Fairland, Forgeus, Frankfort, Hartford, Helena, Hemlock, Holly, Howard, Kelvin, Lansing, Madison, McFee, Mendham, Menor, Miramonte, Nebraska, Olympia, Ray, Rex, Tucson and Venice.

Road Runner by Andrea Kelly: 'Stravenue': Is it unique to Tucson? “Arizona Daily Star. March 3, 2008. Page. B1.

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