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Smoke Free Arizona

The permanent rules for the voter approved Smoke Free Arizona Act took effect May 1, 2007. 
Information about this can be found at the Arizona Department of Health Services web site: 
The Smoke Free Arizona act prohibits smoking in most indoor public places.

Exemptions to the act are:
Private residences (except when used as a licensed child care, adult day care, or health care facility)
Hotel and motel rooms designated as smoking rooms (no more than fifty percent of rooms rented to guests in a hotel or motel are so designated)
Retail tobacco store (physically separated and independently ventilated so that smoke from retail tobacco stores does not infiltrate non-smoking areas).
Veterans and fraternal clubs when they are not open to the general public
Smoking when associated with religious ceremony practiced pursuant to the American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978
Outdoor patios so long as tobacco smoke does not enter areas where smoking is prohibited through entrances, windows, ventilation systems, or other means
Theatrical performance upon a stage or in the course of a film production or television production if the smoking is part of the performance of production
Tribes are Sovereign Nations, and are exempt from the Smoke-Free Arizona Act.

For more information about the regulations, smoke-free zones etc., go to the web site: Arizona Department of Health Services web site:

“Smoke-free zone 20 feet from door.” Arizona Daily Star. April 5, 2007. Page D1.

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