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Sidewalk Repair in Tucson

In the City of Tucson sidewalk repair is up to the owner of the property that the sidewalk is on.
If owners can't afford to fix the sidewalk along their property, the city will fix it to eliminate the public safety hazard. But the city can also charge the property owners for the cost of repair.
Regardless of who puts in a sidewalk or makes the repairs, if someone gets hurt because of an unsafe sidewalk, the property owner is responsible for claims filed against the city.
Even if homeowners do the sidewalk repair themselves, it must be inspected and meet city specifications.
The Tucson Department of Transportation spends about $300,000 a year on sidewalk maintenance even though it's not part of its budget, because property owners are supposed to do those things. The department can't track every sidewalk that needs repair, so it relies heavily on calls from the public.
“A mixed message: responsibility is yours, but 1964 City Code isn’t applied evenly." Arizona Daily Star.  February 4, 2007. Page 1.

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