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Rodeo Parade Incidents

These are the accidents and problems that have occurred during the La Fiesta de los Vaqueros parades.
2007- A rider was killed in the rodeo parade.  5 year-old Brielle Boisvert was killed when a horse team pulling a wagon float bolted and the horses and wagon ran over her.
2006 - The 150-year-old buggy that Mayor Bob Walkup and wife Beth were riding in during the parade was stomped by a runaway horse pulling a wagon. Beth Walkup was diagnosed with a concussion and whiplash. The mayor's arm was bruised.
2004 - Four wagon incidents were reported. Among them, Robert Butts, a buggy driver, sustained minor injuries when his buggy rolled over.
2000 - Four young children were slightly injured when a horse pulling a wagon bolted into the crowd at South Sixth Avenue and East Irvington Road. The children were treated by paramedics at the scene and released to their parents.
1999 - A woman, 25, was treated by paramedics after she fainted waiting in line for food along the parade route.
1995 - At the start of the parade route, a spooked horse bucked its rider and stepped on her, injuring the 19-year-old's left thigh. A man tossed smoke grenades onto the parade route near East Ajo Way and South Park Avenue. He was arrested on felony charges of endangerment and assault. One grenade hit a woman in the head. She was treated at the scene and released.
1992 - A team of horses was spooked and ran into the crowd near the end of the parade. The victims included a man, 82; a woman, 81; and a girl, 7. They were treated at the scene and released. A woman, 72, was hospitalized. Details of her injuries were not known. Witnesses said street-cleaning trucks were about 20 feet behind the horses and may have spooked them.
1986 - A runaway horse veered into the crowd. One woman sustained broken bones and four other people had minor injuries. 
1982 - A horse pulling a wagon ran wild for three blocks until a police officer stopped it. The horse stepped on a 9-year-old's hand, causing minor injuries.
1978 - Two horses pulling a Conestoga wagon were spooked and stampeded out of control, narrowly missing spectators. A ranch wrangler and ranch manager halted the wagon. No one was hurt.
1976 - A pony broke loose from its owner and ran several blocks before it was caught. No injuries were reported from the incident.
1966 - An 11-year-old girl watching the parade was "bumped" by a horse and knocked to the ground. The child had minor scrapes and bruises.
1965 - A team of horses pulling the Immaculate Heart Academy float bolted, hurting two people. The driver of the team sustained broken teeth and facial cuts when the reins flew back into his face. Also, a woman, 22, was thrown from her horse and suffered scrapes and bruises.
"Brielle was a real cowgirl who loved horses, riding." Tucson Citizen.  February 22, 2007. Page A3.

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