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Rattlesnakes—Living with them

'Living with venomous reptiles' from The Tucson Herpetological Society: 
If you see a snake in your yard avoid it, it may just be passing through.

To have a snake removed:
Northwest Fire no longer removes rattlesnakes as for March 2009.  If a snake call is a true emergency they will respond, but they no longer will come for snake removal.

Pima County (Unincorporated parts) -- If you are a member of the Rural/Metro Fire Department: Call Rural/Metro Fire Department at Telephone: (520) 624-9913.

You can find licensed wildlife removal specialists using a directory maintained by the Arizona Fish and Game Department. This resource is located at

"NW Fire won't roll on all rattler calls."  Arizona Daily Star. March 3, 2009.  Page A14. 
"Scary Critters belong here." Arizona Daily Star.   April 18, 2004. Page 1.

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