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Poison Control

The telephone number for Poison Control is (800) 222-1222.  When you call this line you should state if the telephone call is an emergency or non-emergency call.

The Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center is a public service of the University Of Arizona College Of Pharmacy.
Call the service if:
You or your pet has been stung or bitten by a poisonous creature.
Someone has taken too many drugs or unknown medications.
You think someone has been poisoned.
You need information to prevent accidental poisoning.
You need more information about a drug.

"Tucson by the numbers:  How to battle bad bites."  Arizona Daily Star.  July 31, 2008. Page E1.
In 2008 the Arizona Poison Control and Drug Information Center at the University of Arizona was 53 years old. The center was started ay a pharmacology professor, Albert Picchioni. Albert Picchioni began the Poison Control Center with a set of note cards on common household poisons. Later, the Arizona State Legislature designated the Poison Control Center has a regional poison control center and provided state funding for a 24-hour phone line.
“Holidays raise toxin risk for kids: how to keep them safe.” Arizona Daily Star. December 4, 2008. Page B3.

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