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"Animal Waste Complaint Process
Accumulation of solid animal waste on animal owner's property
Register a complaint with Animal Care in Tucson:
Enforcement: (520)243-5900
or in Ajo:
Main: (520)387-7502
Fax: (520)387-7502
The report is entered into database and letters are sent to the complainant and animal owner
Complainant letter includes a complaint form to complete with details of the location and problem
Animal owner letter includes notice of alleged violation and the appropriate jurisdiction's code on animal waste
Upon inspection, the officer may:
Close call if no violation is found. End of process
Issue a Notice of Violation and set up for a recheck if a violation is found
Issue a citation if a violation is found and the address has a history of violations
 Upon recheck, the officer may:
Close call if area is cleaned and no violation remains. End of process
Issue a citation if violation remains
"Pooper Scooper"
Solid animal waste left on public or private property without the permission of the property owner.
 This code can be difficult to enforce since the violation needs to be observed by a law enforcement officer for a citation to be issued. However, citizens may have a Third Party Citation issued by calling Pima Animal Care in Tucson:
Enforcement: (520)243-5900
or in Ajo:
Main: (520)387-7502
Fax: (520)387-7502
and providing the following information:
Photograph documenting the incident
Photograph must include the date, location, and time of incident
Animal must be clearly identifiable in photograph
Animal owner address must be known and provided
Complainant must be willing to testify in court
If two independent witnesses from separate addresses are willing to testify, a photograph may not be required ."
Source:  Pima Animal Care 

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