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Pelicans in Tucson

Brown pelicans appear in Tucson during the monsoon season.   The pelicans are swept into Tucson by high winds. These birds are an endangered species.
A lot of the pelicans found in Tucson are injured.  The pelicans get injured when they dive into mirages, mistaking the shimmering images for water. 
When a lost pelican is found, it is taken to a wildlife rehabilitator.  After that the bird is sent to Sea World in San Diego.
Pelicans are big birds.  They grow to four feet long, weigh up to 9 pounds, and have long bills and a wingspan of 7½ feet.
For Help Call:
Tucson Wildlife Center, 24 hours a day Telephone: (520) 290-WILD (290-9453)
Arizona Department of Game and Fish. Telephone: (520) 628-5376 or the department's Tucson-area rehabilitation office, Telephone: (520) 903-1104.
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum help line, Telephone: (520) 883-1380, Ext. 313.
If you find a pelican:
Don't touch it. 
You can spray it with water to keep it cool.
Stay away from the bird to avoid injuries from the pelican’s sharp beak.
Keep pets on a leash so they do not harm the bird.

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