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Neighbor Problems in Tucson

If you are having various problems with your neighbors:
Loud Music
People Trespassing
Suspicious activity
Contact the Tucson Police nonemergency line at: Telephone: (520) 791-4444. Nonemergency reports can be filed online.  If you cannot resolve a neighbor problem, and you and your neighbor are willing, Our Family Services will do mediation, call Telephone: (520) 323-1708.
Suggestions to prevent neighbor problems:
Get to know your neighbors.  If you know who you live near, when problems arise, it is easier to keep things civil.
Don't make assumptions.  Your neighbor may not realize you are bothered by his tree or dog.
Keep landscaping under control.  If your plants damage someone's property, you are responsible.
Try to talk through the problem.
Try mediation; contact a mediation service such as Our Family Services at Telephone: (520) 323-1708.
If you can't talk to your neighbor, call authorities; do not confront an unruly neighbor.
If you suspect criminal activity, call the police

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