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Native Plant Permits

The state of Arizona has laws relating to native plants. These laws are in the Arizona Revised Statues.
The law on plants begins at ARS 3-901.
Landowners have the right to destroy or remove plants growing on their land but are required to notify the Arizona Department of Agriculture 20 to 60 days prior to the destruction of any protected native plants. The landowner also has the right to sell or give away any plant growing on the land. Native plants may not be legally possessed, taken or transported from the growing site without a permit from the Arizona Department of Agriculture.

Contact any Department of Agriculture office to obtain an application form.
Permits may be obtained from the Tucson office
400 W. Congress, Ste. 124
Tucson, AZ 85701
Telephone: (520) 628-6310.
Arizona State Department of Agriculture Plant Services Division (Native Plant) web site:
"Here's how to get plants permit." Arizona Daily Star. November 22, 2000, Page B3               
State of Arizona Department of Agriculture web site:

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