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Mount Lemmon

The elevation of Mount Lemmon is 9,157 feet.
Mount Lemmon was named by rancher Emerson Oliver Stratton for Sara Lemmon, an amateur botanist and the first white woman to reach the peak in 1881.
Mount Lemmon Highway was the begun in 1933 and completed in 1950. It was built mostly by labor from the Federal Prison Camp established for this purpose; reconstruction began in 1987. The Mount Lemmon Highway is also known as the Catalina Highway. Though it is called the Mount Lemmon or Catalina Highway, the official name is "General Hitchcock Highway." 

Mount Lemmon Observatory is located close to the summit on a site maintained by the Steward Observatory. The telescope is an f/16 Cassegrain with a 1.5-m diameter primary mirror and a chopping secondary mirror for infrared observations.

Mt. Lemmon Post Office
12984 N. Sabino Canyon Parkway
Mt. Lemmon, AZ 85619
Telephone:  (520) 576-1427

Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley

10300 E. Ski Run Road, Mt. Lemmon, AZ 85619
Always check current skiing conditions before making the trip.
Telephone:  (520) 576-1400.

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