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Main Library Westside Plaza Art
Public art our on the west side of the Main library building:
“OF MYTHIC PROPORTIONS: Main Library Plaza viewers. A new treasure has appeared just west of the Main Library: three pieces of art by David Elliott. Encircled by a dozen cement balls, these apparatuses are designed to gently tweak your perspective of our downtown urbanscape. A megaphone-shaped piece tilts and turns containing a simple prism, creating a kaleidoscopic Tucson. Gaze through one of several lenses embedded in a metal star to see buildings bulge, shrink or flip upside-down. What a great way to see your local politicos and policy makers! A charming, harlequinesque tiled frame topped with a silhouette of the old courthouse turns so you can view the actual courthouse, the library or just the bustling city streets. So take a hike downtown. Buy a paleta from the weathered street vendor pushing the cart with the sweetly jingling bell. Sit in the shade of one of the lonely trees in Main Library Plaza, and enjoy the view.”
Tucson Weekly 

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Last Update: 7-7-2014 11:54am

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