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Arizona Department of Economic Security--Directors

Name Date Appointed By
William J. Mayo 01/1973 to 03/1975 Governor Williams
James L. Scharnadan (Acting) 04/1975 to 05/1975 Governor Castro
Henry G. Diaz (Acting) 05/1975 to 06/1975  Governor Castro
John L. Huerta 07/1975 to 11/1977  Governor Castro
Edward D. Crowley (Acting) 11/1977 to 05/1978 Governor Bolin
Bill Jamieson, Jr. 05/1978 to 12/ 1982 Governor Babbitt
Donald B. Mathis (acting) 12/1982 to 02/1983 Governor Babbitt
Douglas X. Patino 02/1983 to 01/1987 Governor Babbitt
Edd Brown 01/1987 to  03/1989 Governor Mecham
Bill Jamieson, Jr. (acting) 03/1989 to  05/1989 Governor  Mofford
Robert W. Harmon (acting) 06/1989 to 07/1989 Governor Mofford
Linda Moore- Cannon 07/1989 to02/1992 Governor Mofford
David Lowenberg (acting) 02/1992 -to 08/1992 Governor Symington
Linda J. Blessing (acting) 08/1992 to 09/1992 Governor Symington
Charles E. Cowan 09/1992 to 08/1993 Governor Symington
Linda J. Blessing 08/1993 to 05/1999 Governor Symington
John L. Clayton 05/1999 to 03/2003 Governor Hull
William Bell (acting) 03/2003 - 08/2003 Governor Napolitano
David Berns 08/2003-06/2006 Governor Napolitano
Tracy L. Wareing 06/2006-01/2009 Governor Napolitano
Linda Blessing (interim) 01/2009- 05/04/2009 Governor Brewer
Neal Young 05/04/2009- 01/14/2011 Governor Brewer
Clarence H. Carter 02/09/2011- Governor Brewer

 (This is the full list of directors. The Arizona DES department was formed in 1973.)

Fax from the Arizona Department of Economic Security 03/12/2003--Updated by Pima County Public Library reference staff.

 "Governor Appoints New Director for Arizona DES." FOX 10 News | Phoenix Metro Area News, Weather, Traffic and Sports. (accessed October 21, 2011).


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