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Arizona Corporation Commission


Incorporation:  oversees the process of incorporating or registering a company to do business in the state, including articles of incorporation and limited liability companies.

Public information:  collects an annual report from each corporation and maintains public records, including a searchable database (STARPAS) of current and historical corporations, agents and statistics; responds to public questions concerning Arizona businesses and corporation law.

International trade:  grants authority to foreign corporations to transact business in the state Investigation:  "propounds interrogatories" when necessary to determine a company's lawful purpose.

Compliance:  revokes charters of corporations not in compliance with state law
Business assistance:  assists the business sector by disseminating mission-critical information

The Corporation Commission has jurisdiction over the quality of service and rates charged by public service utilities, and enforces railroad and pipeline safety.


The Corporation Commission registers and oversees securities offerings and dealers.


The Corporation Commission holds public hearings on Commission matters.

Searching Corporations in Arizona online

The Arizona Corporation Commission has a database to search for corporations in Arizona.  The database is called the STARPAS system. The STARPAS system is especially useful when searching for Arizona corporate business entities such as limited liability companies (LLCs), businesses, nonprofit, profit and foreign corporations. STARPAS also includes names of limited partnerships, partnerships, trade names, statutory agents, and agent addresses, as well as providing current statistics on the number of these entities in Arizona. The web site is: 


Arizona Corporation Commission
Commissioners Wing
1200 West Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2996


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