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Homelessness statistics 

Statistics for homelessness in Tucson and Pima County can vary widely.  These are homelessness statistics from valid resources:

The 2013 Annual Report of Homelessness in Arizona shows that there were 7,600 Pima County residents who were homeless at some time during the year.  Approximately 27 percent of the state's homeless population lives in Pima County, compared to 35 percent in 2012.

The 2013 Annual Report on Homelessness in Arizona by the Department of Economic Security can be found here:

Source: Kent, Jackie, Report: Homeless Numbers Drop in Pima County. Tucson News Now.  January 21, 2014.

Here are some older statistics on homelessness in Tucson:
On January 27, 2009 there was a Tucson newspaper article with these statistics:
In 2008 an estimated 3,131 Tucsonans were homeless up from 2,580 in 2006.  (These statistics are from the Tucson Planning Council for the homeless.)

Source: "Tucson homeless count starts at 5 a.m. Wednesday."  Tucson Citizen.  January 27, 2009.  Page A4.
On February 4, 2007 there was a Tucson newspaper article with these statistics: A count was made of the homeless in Tucson, Green Valley, Sahuarita, Catalina, and Marana on the morning of January 30, 2007. The number of homeless was 1,079.
"Homeless numbers in area up sharply." Arizona Daily Star. February 4, 2007. Page B1.
On January 31, 2007 there was an article on homeless statistics on the front page of the Tucson Citizen. The statistics in this article are:

Street Homeless Count **

**Source: Tucson Planning Council for the Homeless

"Winter homeless count on the rise in the metro area." Tucson Citizen. January 31, 2007. Page1.
In January 2007 a national report came out on homelessness. Homelessness Counts is published by the National Alliance to End Homelessness.  This report gives a 2005 figure of 2,378 as the amount of homeless in Tucson.  You can access the report at the web site: 
Homeless Organizations

Habitat for Humanity-Tucson
621 W. Lester Street
Tucson, Arizona 85705  
Telephone: (520) 326-1217
Fax: (520) 326-5149 email:
Primavera Foundation
702 S. Sixth Ave.
Tucson 85701
Telephone:  520-623-5111
Fax: 520-623-6434

National Coalition for the Homeless
Definitions of homeless terms

Chronically homeless:   Those who are homeless for a year or longer with frequent and long spells in the homeless assistance system.

Episodically homeless: Those who use the homeless assistance system intermittently and for short periods.

Temporarily homeless:  Those with one short spell of homelessness who are not seen again by the homeless assistance system.

"An end to homelessness?" Tucson Citizen.  July 6, 2006. Page 1.


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