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Home Care by Relatives

There is a program that allows relatives to be paid to take care of their elderly or disabled relatives during long term home care.  Because of Federal Medicaid rules parents of children under eighteen and spouses cannot receive any compensation.  The caretaker is paid a certain amount of money per hour based on what is determined.  There are no benefits; the caretaker just receives monetary compensation. 
For information on this program:
Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) 
1010 N. Finance Center Drive, Suite 201
Tucson, AZ 85710
Ph: 520-205-8600
FAX: 877-666-5353
Toll free Telephone: (800)-824-2656

Roughly 600 people in Pima County receive long-term, at-home living assistance through Pima Health System.
To qualify for ALTCS you must be over 65, blind or disabled and require services at a nursing home level.  If you do not have children you cannot earn more than $1,809 a month and cannot have assets in access of $2,000 if single or $3,000 if married.
“Some family members in county are paid to care for aging relatives.” Arizona Daily Star.  April 25, 2006 Page1.

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