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Historic Maps

The Pima County Public Library’s historic map holdings are limited. Here are some other places to find these maps, both inside our state and beyond.


Arizona Archives Online

This is a central search portal which allows users to search archival holdings (including maps) at many Arizona cultural institutions.

Arizona Historical Society

The Arizona Historical Society’s collections include quite a few historic maps. A significant portion of these collections can be searched online at LISTA, the Arizona Historical Society’s online catalog. 

Arizona Memory Project

The Arizona Memory Project, an online resource from the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, offers many maps in digitized format.

Other Areas

Map Division at the Library of Congress

Historical maps encompassing a variety of subjects and locations can be found at the Library of Congress. Some have even been digitized.

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

This map collection at the University of Texas at Austin features maps from all over the world, including many U.S. cities. (The collection’s Arizona maps can be found at 



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