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Indicted Governors

Governors indicted while in office this century:
Fife Symington of Arizona, indicted in June 1996 on federal charges alleging he defrauded lenders in his former career as a real estate developer. Convicted on Wednesday.
Jim Guy Tucker of Arkansas, indicted in June and August 1995 in two Whitewater-related cases. The June indictment is yet to go to trial. Tucker was convicted in May 1996 of mail fraud involving a $150,000 loan and of conspiracy to set up a series of fraudulent loans. He resigned hours after the convictions were announced.
David Walters of Oklahoma, September 1993, on a misdemeanor campaign law violation. Admitted in a plea bargain that he encouraged a contributor to give more than the legal $5,000 maximum. Fined $1,000 and agreed to contribute $135,000 from his campaign fund to the state Ethics Commission.
Guy Hunt of Alabama, convicted and forced from office in April 1993 for looting his 1987 fund and pocketing the money. He was ordered to pay $211,000 and perform 1,000 hours of community service.
Evan Mecham of Arizona, 1988, on fraud and perjury charges for allegedly hiding a campaign loan. A jury acquitted him, but only after he was impeached by the state Senate and removed from office on other grounds.
Edwin Edwards of Louisiana, 1985, on federal racketeering charges in connection with nursing home and hospital projects. First trial ended in a hung jury; acquitted in 1986; voters returned him to office in 1991.
Marvin Mandel of Maryland, 1975, charged with five others in a federal mail fraud and bribery case. Served 14 months in prison.
Arch A. Moore Jr. of West Virginia, 1975. Acquitted of extortion in 1976 but pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges in 1990, after he left office.
William L. Langer of North Dakota, removed from office in 1934 by the state Supreme Court after being convicted of obstructing the administration of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration and soliciting money from federal employees for personal political purposes. Was tried four times and eventually cleared of wrongdoing. Re-elected in 1936.
Ed Jackson of Indiana, tried in 1928 on charges of conspiracy to bribe. Cleared because the statute of limitations had run out.
Warren R. McCray of Indiana, convicted in 1924 of using the mail to misrepresent his holdings in letters to banks regarding loans. Served three years in prison and received a full pardon from President Hoover in 1930.
Rod Blagojevich of Illinois.  In March 2012, Blagojevich began serving a 14-year sentence in federal prison following conviction for corruption including the soliciting of bribes for political appointments including the 2008 vacant U.S. Senate seat of then-President-Elect Barack Obama, while in public office.
Bob Taft of Ohio.  On August 17, 2005, Taft was charged with four criminal misdemeanors stemming from his failure to disclose golf outings paid for by lobbyists, as well as some undisclosed gifts
See also an NPR report entitled Governors Gone Wild: A Recent History, published January 22, 2014:
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