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Gila monsters—living with

The Tucson Herpetological Society 
If you see a Gila monster in your yard avoid it, it may just be passing through.

To have a Gila monster removed:

Pima County (Unincorporated parts) -- Call Rural/Metro Fire Department: Telephone: (520) 624-9913.

Tucson--There is no agency that removes Gila monsters for free. You have to call private companies that charge about $75 to remove the Gila monster. Options include: Desert Wildlife Services: Telephone: (520) 743-1411 and Animal Experts Trapping and Rescue Service: Telephone: (520) 531-1020.
"Scary Critters belong here." Arizona Daily Star.  April 18, 2004. Page 1.
Very few people are bitten by Gila Monsters.  Since the 1940s there has been no recorded death from a Gila Monster bite in Arizona.
" Anne: Be alert' buzzworm season about to start." Tucson Citizen. March 27, 2007. Page A5.

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