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Famous Tucsonans

These are people who were born in, are living in, used to live in, or who have died in Tucson.


Name Date Born in Lived in Lives in Died in Occupation
Abbey, Edward 1927-1989       X American writer, environmentalist
Ai 1947-2010   X     American writer
Allen, Rupert Clyde 1927- X       American writer
Allen, Rex 1924-1999       X Actor, singer, songwriter
Ameche, Jim 1915-1983        X Radio Performer
Angier, Bradford 1910-1997        X American writer
Apache Kid  1868? - 1894?        X Criminal
Arthur, Karl 1952-      X   American writer
Baldwin, Gordon C. 1908-1983      X   American writer
Bates, Mario Doniel 1973-  X       Professional football player
Bates, Michael 1969-  X       Professional football player 
Behan, John Harris 1845-1912       X Lawman, cowboy
Bennett, Michael   1943-1987         X Dancer
Bok, Bart Jan   1906-1983        X Astronomer, educator, and author
Bonanno, Joseph  'Joey Bananas'   1905-2002         X Mafioso 
Bordes, Francois   1919-1981         X Archeologist, educator, and author
Borman, Frank 1928-    X     Astronaut 
Bowden, Charles 1945-        X   American writer, journalist
Bowers, Janice Emily  1950-      X   American writer 
Bradbury, Ray 1920-2012    X     American writer
Bradley, Donald A.  1925-1974         X Scientific researcher, astrologer, and writer 
Brown, Joseph Paul Summers 1930-      X   American writer 
Byrd Baylor  1924-       X   American writer 
Caldwell, Erskine 1903-1987     X     American writer
Calkins, Dick  1895-1962        X Cartoonist
Carmona, Richard Henry  1949-    X     Physician, police officer, public health official
Cliburn, Van 


   X     American pianist
Clinton, Larry   1909-1985       X Bandleader  
DeConcini, Dennis Webster 1937-       American politician 
DeGrazia, Ted (Ettore)  1909-1982        Artist 
Deming, Alison Hawthorne 1946-        X   American writer, poet 
Denver, John   1943-1997     X     American singer
Doss, Helen Grigsby  1918- 2013    X     English writer 
Douglass, Andrew Ellicott   1867-1962       Astronomer, dendrochronologist 
Eden, Barbara   1934-        Actor 
Eder, Linda  1961-        Singer 
Elliott, Sean Michael   1968-        Professional basketball player 
Fitch, Steve 1949-       Photographer 
Fontana, Bernard Lee  1931-        American writer 
Franken, Rose (Dorothy)  1895? -1988        American writer
Freyse, William  1899-1969        Cartoonist
Gordon, Gordon   1906-2002     X     American writer 
Gordon, Mildred 1912-1979       Editor, screenwriter, and author 
Gorin, Igor  1908-1982        Composer, singer, and actor 
Gould, Laurence McKinley   1896-1995        Explorer, educator 
Gray, Genevieve Stuck  1920-1995        American writer
Gurney, J. Eric  ? -1992           Cartoonist, illustrator and Canadian writer 
Harris, Sean Eugene  1972-        Professional football player 
Haury, Emil Walter   1904-1992       Archaeologist, anthropologist, educator and writer
Hindman, Earl 1942-2003     X      Actor 
Hubka, Betty (Josephine Morgan)  1924-2013     X     American writer 
Ingalls, Jeremy   1911-2000        American writer 
Iserson, Kenneth Victor  1949-        American writer, physician 
Jance, Judith Ann 1944-       American writer 
Jernigan, Gisela Evelyn   1948-        American writer 
Johnson, Enid  1892-1969        American writer 
Johnson, Horace   1893-1964        Composer
Kay, Ulysses Simpson 1917-1995       Composer
Kingsolver, Barbara  1955-        Novelist***  
Kinnear, Greg 1964-        TV personality
Krutch, Joseph Wood 1893-1970       American critic 
Kuykendall, Ralph Simpson  1885-1963       American historian 
Lewi, William Grant, II 1902-1951       American writer, astrologer 
Levy, David H. 1948-        Writer, astronomer
Lowden, Frank Orren 1861-1943        American politician
Lowell, Susan 1950-        Mexican writer 
Martin, Patricia Preciado   1939-        American writer 
Marvin, Lee 1924-1987        American actor 
McCartney, Linda   1941-1998        American photographer (wife of Beatle Paul McCartney) 
Mccartney, Sir Paul 1942-   X     Vocalist, songwriter, composer, bass player, poet, ex-Beatle
McNulty Jr., James Francis 1925-2009       X U.S. Congressman
Merrill, James 1926-1995        American poet
Mettler, Barbara  1907-2002        Dancer, educator, filmmaker, writer
Mitchell, John James 1846-1898       X Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
Momaday, N. Scott 1934-        Novelist, Poet 
Norstad, Lauris  1907-1988        Military officer 
Nye, Nelson Coral   1907-1997        American writer 
Oberman, Heiko Augustinus 1930-2001        Dutch writer 
Orlen, Steve 1942-        American writer 
Owens, Jesse   1913-1980        American track athlete 
Pardo, Don  1918-        Actor, television announcer 
Pegler, James Westbrook 1894-1969        American journalist
Roemer, William F., Jr. 1926-1996       American writer 
Ronstadt, Linda  1946-        Singer 
Sanger, Margaret 1879-1996       American women’s rights activist  
Schellie, Don   1932-1993        American writer 
Scholder, Fritz 1937-2005        Artist, painter 
Schottland, Charles Irwin  1906-1995       American government official
Sharmat Marjorie Weinman 1928-       American writer
Shelton, Richard  1933-        American writer, poet 
Smallens, Alexander 1889-1972       Musical Conductor
Smith, Lowell Herbert 1892-1945       Aviator 
Sonnichsen, C. L.   1901-1991         American writer
Sontag, Susan 1933-2004        American writer
Speare, Elizabeth George  1908-1994       American writer
Story, Ronald D. 1946-        American writer 
Strug, Kerri  1977-        American gymnast 
Tate, Velma   1913-1997         American writer
Thomas, Eric Jason   1964-        Professional football player
Udall, Morris King   1922-1998        American politician 
Udall, Stewart Lee   1920-2010         American politician 
Vicker, Ray  1917-2000       Journalist, author 
Weil, Andrew  1942-        American writer, physician 
Wells, Catherine  1952-        American writer 
Wright, Harold Bell   1872-1944        American writer 
Zepeda, Ofelia  1954-        American writer, poet

*** Barbara Kingsolver no longer lives in Tucson. She lived in Tucson from 1977-2004.   


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Almanac of Famous People

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