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Animal Group Names

Animal group names. (Examples:  kindle of kittens, flight of doves)
Animal Terms: Baby/Male/Female/Group, see below for mammals.  From
Lipton, James. An exaltation of larks: the ultimate edition. James Lipton. Publisher New York, N.Y., U.S.A.: Viking.1991.
Main reference collection only.
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Animal Baby Male Female Group
Aardvark Pup . . .
Alpaca Cria . . Herd, Flock
Anteater Pup . . .
Antelope Calf Buck Doe Herd
Ape Infant Male Female Shrewdness, Troop
Armadillo Pup . . .
Ass Foal Jack Jenny Herd, Band, Pace, Drove
Baboon Infant Male Female Tribe Congress, Troop,
Flange, Rumpus
Badger Kit, Cub Boar Sow Cete
Bat Battling, Pup Male Female Colony, Cloud
Bears Cub Boar Sow Sloth, Sleuth
Beaver Kitten Male Female Lodge, Colony
Bison Calf Bull Cow Herd, Gang (old world)
Boar . . Sow Brace, Clash
Buffalo Calf Bull Cow Herd, Gang
Camel Calf Bull Cow Flock, Caravan, Train
Cat Kitten, Cub, Kit, Kittling
Group - Kindle, Litter
Tom Queen Clutter, Clowder, Pounce
Cattle Calf Bull Cow
Young - heifer
Herd, Drove, Drift
Cheetah . . . Coalition
Chimpanzee Infant Male Female Cartload
Chinchilla . . . Herd
Coney Bunny Buck Doe Bury
Coyote Pup Dog Bitch Pack, Shift, Wilieness
Deer Fawn, Knobber,
Buck Doe Herd, Bevy, Parcel
Dog Pup, Puppy,Whelp
Group - Litter
Dog Bitch Pack (wild)
Dolphin Pup Bull Cow Pod, Flock
Donkey Foal Jack Jenny, Hinny Herd, Drove, Pace
Echidna Puggle . . .
Eland Calf Buck, Bull Doe, Cow Herd
Elephant Calf Bull Cow Herd, Parade
Elk Calf Bull Cow Gang, Herd
Ferret Kit Hob Jill Business, Cast
Fox Kit Vixen Dog Leash, Skulk, Earth
Gerbil Pup Buck Doe Horde
Giraffe Calf Cow Bull Herd, Corps,
Tower, Group
Gnat Larva Male Female Cloud, Horde
Gnu Calf Bull Cow Herd
Goat Kid Billy Nanny Trip, Tribe,
Flock, Herd
Gorilla Infant Male Female Band
Greyhound Pup, Puppy, Whelp Dog Bitch Leash, Brace (two)
Guanaco Cria . . Herd
Guinea Pig Pup Buck Doe Group
Hamster Pup Buck Doe Hoarde
Hare Leveret Buck Doe Down, Hush,
Hartebeest Calf Buck, Bull Doe, Cow Herd
Hedgehog Piglet, pup Boar Sow Array, Prickle
Hippopotamus Calf Bull Cow Herd, Bloat, Crash
Hog Suckling Boar Sow Passel
Horse Foal Stallion
Young - Colt
Group - Rag
Young - Filly
Group -  Stud
Herd, Harras, String
Hound Pup Dog Bitch Cry, Mute, Pack, Kennel
Human Baby, Infant, Toddler, Child Man Woman Group, Mob, Race
Hyena Pup Dog Bitch Clan, Crackle
Hyrax Bunny Buck Doe Bury
Ibex Calf Bull Cow Herd
Impala Calf Buck Doe Herd
Kangaroo Joey Buck, Jack, Boomer Jill, Flier, Doe Mob, Troop
Koala Joey Male Female .
Lemur Infant Male Female Group
Leopard Cub Leopard Leopardess Leap, Prowl
Lion Cub Lion Lioness Pride
Llama Cria Male Female Herd
Marten . . . Richness
Monkey Infant Male Female Troop, Cartload, Barrel
Moose Calf Bull Cow Herd
Mole . . . Labor, Company, Movement
Mouse Pup, Pinkie, Kitten Buck Doe Hoarde, Mischief, Nest
Mule Foal Jack Hinney Span
Opossum Joey Jack Jill .
Otter, Sea Whelp
pup(cub - UK)
(dog - UK)
(bitch - UK)
Raft, Family, Bevy
Otter, River Whelp, pup Male Female Family, Romp
Oxen Calf Bull Cow Yoke, Team, Span
Panda Cub Boar Sow .
Pig Piglet, Shoat, Farrow, Suckling
Group - Litter
Boar Sow Sounder, Drift, Drove
Polar bear Cub Boar Sow Pack
Porcupine Pup Boar Sow Prickle
Porpoise Pup Bull Cow Pod, Gam, Shoal
Possum Joey Jack Jill Passel
Prairie Dog Pup Boar Sow Coterie
Pronghorn Fawn Buck Doe Herd
Rabbit Bunny, Kit Buck Doe Nest, Warren
Drove, Trace,
Down (hares), Husk,
Trip, Leash,
Colony, Bury
Raccoon Cub Boar Sow Nursery
Rat Pup, pinkie, kitten Buck Doe Pack, Hoarde, Swarm, Colony
Red Deer Calf Stag Hind Herd
Reindeer Calf Bull Cow Herd
Rhinoceros Calf Bull Cow Crash
Roe Deer Fawn Buck Doe Bevy
Seal, Sealion Pup,
Beach weaner
Bull Cow Pod, Colony, Crash,
Harem, Bob, Herd,
Rookery, Team
Sheep Lamb, Lambkin,
Cosset, Lambling,
Hog, Shearling, Tag, Teg
Ram Ewe Flock, Fold, Drove, Herd
Skunk Kit .. .. Surfeit
Sloth .. .. .. ..
Snipe Chick Cock Hen Wisp
Sparrow Chick Cock Hen Host
Springbok Fawn Buck Doe Herd
Squirrel Pup, Kitten Buck Doe Dray, Scurry
Swine Piglet, Garrow,
Grice, Pigletor, Shoat.
Boar Sow Sounder, Drift
Tapir Calf Male Female .
Tiger Cub, Whelp Tiger Tigress Ambush, Streak
Wallaby Joey Jack Jill Mob
Walrus Pup Bull Cow Pod, Herd
Weasel Kit .. .. ..
Whale Calf Bull Cow Pod, Gam,
Herd, School
Wild Boar Boarlet Boar Sow Sounder, Singular
Wolf Pup, Whelp Dog Bitch Pack, Rout (when moving)
Wombat Joey Jack Jill Warren
Yak Calf Bull Cow Herd
Zebra Foal Stallion Mare Herd, Crossing, Zeal (small group)

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