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Pima County Public Library  (PCPL rooms are free but users must meet certain conditions.)
Note:  Most of these meeting rooms have fees for use not all of these meeting rooms are free,
Casa Libre en la Solana 
Kristen Nelson, Casa Libre en la Solana 228 N. 4th Avenue #2 Tucson, AZ 85705. Telephone: (520) 325-9145.
Community Foundation for Southern Arizona: 2250 E. Broadway Blvd: Telephone: (520) 770-0800: For non-profit tax exempt groups: Up to 30 guests: May bring in food and drink 
Metropolitan Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau 624-1817. Toll Free: 1-800-638-8350.  On this site is a Meeting Planner with contact information for some Tucson area organizations with meeting facilities.
Historic Stone Ave Temple: 564 S. Stone Ave: Telephone: (520) 670-9073: Two to 150 guests: Catering.
Hotel Congress: 311 E. Congress: Telephone: (520)   622-8848: Toll free phone: 1-800-722-8848.  Up to 150 guests: Catering:
Manning House: 450 W. Paso Redondo: Telephone: (520)   770-0714: 20 to 400 guests: Catering:
Hotel Arizona: 181 W. Broadway Blvd: Telephone: (520) 624-8711: 10 to 1,000 guests: Catering:
Stillwell-Twiggs house: 134 S. Fifth Ave: Telephone: (520) 623-9123: Up to 350 guests: Catering:
Tucson Children's Museum: 200 S. Sixth Ave: Telephone: (520) 792-9985: Accommodations after 5 p.m. on weekdays, call for details.
Tucson Convention Center: 260 S. Church: Telephone: (520) 791-4101: 30 to 1,000 guests: Catering:
Tucson Parks and Recreation:  
Tucson Department of Neighborhood Resources:
YMCA: Various branches around Tucson.  Go to their web site at:   
Z Mansion: 288 N. Church Ave: Telephone: (520) 623-4889: Up to 200 guests: Kitchen: 
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